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CURRENT,INC. was founded in Tokyo in 1991. We’ve been doing, such as maintenance and development and sales of professional audio equipment to use recording studio, post-production studios, broadcasters, etc… And is now one of the few analog audio product specialist.

Since : July 1st, 1986

Established : September 2nd, 1991

Head Office : 2-26-11 Akatsutsumi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 156-0044 Japan

Capital : 10,000,000 YEN

President & CEO : Hirotsugu Ichihashi

Phone: +81-3-3321-9559

Fax: +81-3-5376-2735

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About Catalog

General catalog can be downloaded from the link in the side bar, individual product catalog can be downloaded from the link on the product page. In addition, please contact us by email if you would like to print catalogs.

About Products

Confirm the delivery date, price, inventory, product repairs, remodeling, etc. inquiries following please.

person in charge : H. Ichihashi

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If you send an attachment, please PDF.

Please set to 1.4 or 1.3 version of the PDF file saved. .

Please do not send it as a file for the application.

Please set the format to text mode instead of sending HTML mail order to prevent trouble.

For example in the case of OutLook (Japanese)

About Repair

Will not be able to provide a replacement machine for the production of all varieties of low-volume, we are for a base to return to the date of arrival in the corresponding repair same day.

About mail

In our mail server we are using a DNS black list for the Eradication of spam. Please do de-registered in accordance with what has been described If you e-mail came back with an error. There is a case that would otherwise be incorrectly registered for auto-registration.

Unregistering a case of spamhaus.

If spamcop.

It is automatically canceled if there is no new spam report within 24 hours.[force removal]

About Purchase

We have no distributor for overseas, please contact us.

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The price listed in the pdf catalog. In addition, take precedence over the contents of the print pdf file is updated from time to time.
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