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Trans box such as the Swiss Army knife
It is variable in output level and impedance
As XLR isolator
As a re-amplifier
As a direct box
As a volume box
As balance unbalanced conversion
Jensen made transformer use

CSP918 is a trans box such as the Swiss Army knife which it can use for various purposes such as an isolator using the Jensen made transformer, a re-amplifier, a direct box, the balance unbalance conversion.
Additionally, it is useful for sound quality because it can cut the high frequency noise.
With a small box shape, the use at every place including a studio and the broadcast scene is possible.

When it uses it as a balance isolator, it connects with the input and output of the XLR connecter.
It solves the GND noise by the system using DAW when it uses the GND lift switch effectively.
It is effective for the case that a problem occurs in unbalanced connection though it is balanced output and a case not to be able to extend a cable to by high impedance.

When it uses it as a re-amplifier, it inputs from XLR and connects the phone output to a guitar amplifier.
It can control a fine tone by setting of output level and the output impedance.
It is connected half normal, and the phone jack is output simultaneously to XLR.

“Direct box”
If it inputs from phone jack and connects the XLR output to consoles, it can use it as a direct box.

“Balance interface”
When it uses it as interface with unbalanced equipment such as ipod or the compact effecter, it connects with send and a return of the phone.

“Caution of operation”
It is the passive equipment using the transformer, and, please note for the external inductive noises such as power supply transformers.

■ Specifications
•INSERT SEND: 1/4″” PHONE 2P, 600 ~ 50kΩ
•INSERT RETURN : 1/4″” PHONE 2P, 600Ω (depend on load)
•REFERENCE LEVEL: +4dBu, max=+24dBu
•FREQ.RESPONSE: 20 to 20kHz ±0.1dB
•THD: <0.01% at Ref.Level 1kHz
•DIMENSIONS: 150Wx50Hx100D 1kg

• Order Information

order number description approx. price(US$)
CSP918 Audio isolator, reamp, volume, bal < > unbal $655


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