Talkback box with GooseNeck

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•standalone •microphone on mini-gooseneck (mounted via its audio connector)
•balanced, line level output
•both momentary and latching switching
•switch noise alleviated via preamp circuit delay
•built-in compressor
•small footprint
•LED indicates TB engaged/disengaged
•3 power options:
•2 size AA batteries (included) •phantom powerable
•AC wall adapter (not included)

The TB964 is a standalone talkback system designed for the contemporary digital audio workstation-based recording studio, video and radio production facilities, and anywhere else a compact, fully capable talkback system is needed. The unit includes a microphone, talkback switch with LED indicator, and line level pre-amp, with connections for microphone input, balanced line output and external power supply. Depressing the talkback switch engages the microphone and preamp, outputting a line level signal that can be connected to workstation, headphone amplifier, or any other line level input. Noise associated with depressing the talkback switch is eliminated by means of an ultra-short delay between the time the switch is depressed to the time the pre-amp circuit is engaged, in much the same way that some amplifiers are designed with delays for speaker protection at startup. With three different power supply options, installation can be as simple as inserting the two supplied AA batteries.

The only control on the unit is a single talkback switch that includes an LED indicator for talkback on/off. Momentary engagement is achieved by pressing and holding down the talkback switch during talkback. Latching engagement is achieved by momentarily pushing the talkback switch; once the circuit is engaged in this fashion, the talkback function remains on until the talkback switch is depressed a 2nd time.

The output connector is a 3.5mm, 3 conductor jack similar to those used in contemporary devices (such as cell phones) with headphone outputs. The output is a balanced line (differential circuit) capable of driving long cable runs. Note that the unit is designed for balanced line use only—unbalanced use requires a special cable or adapter that is not included!

“Power Supply”
The TB964 offers three different options for power supply: battery, phantom power, and external supply. The unit was designed to need very little power—with 2 alkaline AA batteries, the user can expect approximately 1,000 hours of use! The unit can also be powered by either phantom power applied to the output jack, or a jack on the unit that accepts power from a +5V adapter—the same kind of adapter used to power an Apple iPhone—this type of power adapter-cable is not included! All three power supplies can be connected simultaneously!

■ Specifications
•POWER: AA size Alkaline or Lithium battery x2, 5VDC adaptor, +48V phantom

• Order Information

order number description approx. price(US$)
TB964 Talkback box GooseNeck $216
TB964-2 Talkback box Internal MIC $216
TB962 TalkBack Box, 1 button, compact $75
TB966 Talkback box with mic and preamp $152
TB964-W01 TB964 cable 5m XLR3-M $46
TB964-W02 TB964 cable 10m XLR3-M $50
TB964-W03 TB964 cable 15m XLR3-M $61
TB964-W04 TB964 cable 20m XLR3-M $71
TB964-W11 TB964 cable 1.5m XLR3-M $46
TB964-W12 TB964 cable 3m XLR3-M $46
TB964-W13 TB964 cable 7m XLR3-M $50
TB964-W21 TB964 cable 5m Phone 3P $46
TB964-W22 TB964 cable 10m phone 3P $50
TB964-W31 TB966 cable 5m mini 3P $46
TB964-W32 TB966 cable 10m mini 3P $50
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