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Studio communication management
TB box TB961 and TB963 available
Two announce unit AF124/T available
Fader start and stop option available
Two control room monitor selectable
O2R96, 01V96, DM1000/2000 and O3D series controlled by cough unit

AF201A is a studio interface designed for studios using digital console 02R/96, 01V/96, DM1000/2000 and O3D series to add necessary functions. AF201A allows you to have such usage as cough unit control, talkback, return talkback control, CUE sign, Fader start and stop, 2 speakers selector for control room.

“Cough Unit control”
Input channel could be turned on and off by cough unit with AF201 which connected to O2R/96, 01V/96, DM1000/2000 and O3D through RS-422 serial port. Two cough unit able to assign to any channel. (Default set up is 1 and 2.)

TB and RTB is available for communication between CR and studio, effect DIM to HP monitor or CR monitor when each is turned ON, and let not to disturb communication. Also you can adjust TB and RTB level in front panel.

You can control to start and stop external machines such as CD, DAT and etc. with RS422 serial interface by moving up and down the faders as configured by O2R/96, 01V/96, DM/1000/2000 and O3D. The output corresponds with relay contact for up to 4 devices. You could modify the corresponding faders by internal dip switch.

Please use “CURRENT AF124/T” for cough unit to be used in booth. Fader or touch switch toggle between ON/OFF could mute assigned fader in console. While this action, SLS(Studio loud speaker) will be muted with cuff ON, and dis-muted and prevent feedback with OFF.

RTB means return talkback which booth to CR communication that signal flow to RTB output of AF201A. While RTB, SLS to cut and CR monitor will dim.

CUE button of TB961 is pressed, CUE light in AF124 will be indicated. Extra external cue light AF205A is available for AF124.

■ Specifications
•AUDIO INPUTS: D15-F(#4-40), 24kΩ, Ref=+4dBu, Max=+24dBu
•AUDIO OUTPUTS: D25-M(#4-40), 50Ω, Ref=+4dBu, Max=+24dBu
•FREQ. RESP. : 20~20kHz ±0.1dB
•THD: < 0.01% at 1kHz, @REF
•TB963, AF124 CONNECTOR: D15-F(#4-40)
•FAD. S/S CONNECTOR: D15-M(#4-40)
•RS422 CONNECTOR: D9-F(#4-40)
•GPI CONNECTOR: D15-F(#4-40)
•MAINS: 100VAC 50/60Hz, MAX 15W
•DIMENSIONS: 482Wx44Hx303D,4kg

  AUDIO IN D15-F(#4-40)
01 MON L+        09 MON L-
02 GND           10 MON R+
03 MON R-        11 GND
04 CR L+         12 CR L-
05 GND           13 CR R+
06 CR R-         14 GND
07               15
08 GND
  AUDIO OUT D25-M(#4-40)
01 SLS L+        14 SLS L-
02 GND           15 SLS R+
03 SLS R-        16 GND
04 CR 1L+        17 CR 1L-
05 GND           18 CR 1R+
06 CR 1R-        19 GND
07 CR 2L+        20 CR 2L+
08 GND           21 CR 2R+
09 CR 2R-        22 GND
10 RTB+          23 RTB-
11 GND           24
12               25 GND
   TB963 D15-F(#4-40)
01               09
02 +15V          10 0V
03 TB SW         11
04 CUE SW        12
05 MINI SW       13
06               14
07 MIC +5V       15 MIC SIG
   AF124 D15-F (#4-40)
01 MON L+        09 MON L-
02 MON R+        10 MON R-
03 S-CUE         11 S-RTB
04 Y-FU1         12 Y-FU2
05 L-MIC1+       13 L-MIC1-
06 L-MIC2+       14 L-MIC2-
07 +15V          15 0V
08 -15V
     GPI D15-F (#4-40)
01 FU1 TLY       09 FU2 TLY
02 +15V          10 0V
03 TB CMD        11 TB TLY
04 CUE CMD       12 CUE TLY
05 MINI CMD      13 MINI TLY
06               14 RTB TLY
07 MIC +5V       15 MIC SIG
 FADER S/S D15-M (#4-40)
01 COM1          09 START1
02 STOP1         10 COM2
03 START2        11 STOP2
04 COM3          12 START3
05 STOP3         13 COM4
06 START4        14 STOP4
07 +5V           15 0V
   RS422 D9-F (#4-40)
01 GND           06 RX GND
02 RX+           07 RX-
03 TX-           08 TX+
04 TX GND        09 GND

• Order Information

order number description approx. price(US$)
AF201A studio communication system, 19” 1U $2,709
AF201-FAD Fader s tart option $436
AF201-UP Update from O2R model $582
AF124 Cough box, touch, fader, HP, EP $1,800
AF124T Cough Unit, T-Bar, HP, EP $2,709
TB961 2 button $582
TB963 TB Box 3 button $618
TB961G 2 button, goose neck 15cm $891
TB963G TB Box 3 button, goose neck 15cm $900
TB961G30 TB box 2 button, gooseneck 30cm $945
TB963G30 TB box 3 button, gooseneck 30cm $945
AF205A Front display $291
AF206 Top display $327
AF204 Insertion interface, compact $436
AF201-124-20 AF124 cable 20m $500
AF201-124 AF124 cable 10m $409
AF201-124P AF124 parallel cable 15cm $38
AF201-963 TB961/963 cable 5m $291
AF201-963-10 TB961/963 cable 10m $364
AF201-963P TB961/963 parallel cable 15cm $38
AF201-D9K Serial cable 5m Dsub9 (DM1000) $218
AF201-DIN Serial cable 5m, mini-DIN (DM2000/O2R96) $218
AF201-M Serial cable 5m MIDI (DM2000/DM1000/O2R96/O3D) $218


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