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●Built-in microphone and preamplifier
●Talkback without interface
●Balanced output
●Battery or phantom power (≥rev3)
●Easy installation

TB966 is a stand-alone TB box. The TB966 is an all-in-one type with built-in batteries, so there is no need for installation work. just push the TB button and the TB signal is output from the output port, so simply connect powered speakers to complete your talkback system. It can also be used as a sound collector or hearing aid by connecting headphones or earphones.

The talkback signal is output only while the TB button is pressed. The output level is approximately -20 dBu, so it can be directly connected to the line input of powered speakers or mixers. A delay circuit reduces annoying switch noise.

The output connector is a 1/8″ 3P mini-jack balanced output with a differential
circuit for clear communication even with long cables. To avoid problems caused by noise, be sure to connect to XLR or TRS balanced input devices. Be careful when using conversion plugs. Unbalanced connection is not possible.

“Power supply”
The power supply is designed for ultra-low power consumption and can operate for about 1000 hours (about one month) on two AAA alkaline batteries.

“Usage notes”
The +48V phantom power supply is also supported for rev3 or higher, expanding the range of applications. When using the unit exclusively with +48V phantom power supply or when not using it for a long period of time, remove the batteries.If the batteries are used for a long time, hydrogen gas will be generated from the inside of the batteries, which will open the explosion-proof safety valve and induce leakage. For alkaline batteries, use products that claim to prevent leakage. When the LED on the TB button stops lighting up, it is a sign that the battery has reached the end of its useful life.

The TB969G15 (15cm) or TB969G30 (30cm) with gooseneck microphone are also available.

■ Specifications
•OUTPUT CONNECTOR: 1/8″ 3P JACK (3.5mm 3P)
•POWER: AAA size Alkaline or Lithium battery x2
•DIMENSIONS: 61Wx100Hx19D, 90g with battery

• Order Information

order number description approx. price(US$)
TB966 Talkback box with mic and preamp $180
TB962 TalkBack Box, 1 button, compact $89
TB964 Talkback box GooseNeck $295
TB966-W01 TB966 cable 5m XLR3-M $59
TB966-W02 TB966 cable 10m XLR3-M $64
TB966-W03 TB966 cable 15m XLR3-M $77
TB966-W04 TB966 cable 20m XLR3-M $91
TB966-W11 TB966 cable 1.5m XLR3-M $56
TB966-W12 TB966 cable 3m XLR3-M $59
TB966-W13 TB966 cable 7m XLR3-M $64
TB966-W21 TB966 cable 5m phone 3P $59
TB966-W22 TB966 cable 10m phone 3P $62
TB966-W31 TB966 cable 5m mini 3P $59
TB966-W32 TB966 cable 10m mini 3P $62
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