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5 source monitor selector
3 monitor speaker
MONO and SIDE monitor mode
TB out
Ext CUE mix
Ext TB mix
RTB function
Record out
CUE send
LR individual cut
HP monitor
Dual Reference VU meter
Super high sound quality
19″ 2U size

CSP349 is the monitoring system that is most suitable for DAW system with a monitor, a VU meter, CUE box, a talkback system as a one package.
It provides flexible monitor environment with individual cut of LR, the MONO mode which mixed LR and the SIDE mode which can confirm difference of LR, and the monitor speaker is 3 system connection possibility.

“Monitor selector”
It can choose the monitor source of 5 systems.
The chosen source is sent to a monitor section and it is output to ‘SELECTED OUT’ and can use this as oscilloscope and ‘REC OUT’ use.
In addition, as for CUT and the DIM, the external control is possible with a GPI port, too.

“Monitor – section”
As well as a normal monitor mode, it is having the MONO mode which mixed LR and the SIDE mode which can confirm difference of LR; in (TB961 port setting).
In addition, there are ‘CUT-L’ which can cut LR individually, ‘CUT-R’ function.
As for the DIM level, it is controlled DIM in TB and the RTB by consecutive variable possibility from 0dB to -30dB.
(the RTB is controlled in TB961 port)

“VU meter”
It is +4dBu and can change 0VU to +14dBu which upped 10dB with ‘METER REF’ button by default.
(internal adjustment is possible.)

In a main frame switch, a TB box, foot switch, it mixes a program source and talkback in ‘CUE SEND’ and outputs it. As for the program source, 10dB decreases not to disturb communication then.
A built-in microphone and the remote microphone are linked, and it is possible for clear communication by a compressor in both.
The Auto Cue function turns on talkback automatically in STOP and turns it off when it becomes the PLAY state. It can in this way communicate in hands free.
It can mix an external TB signal using EXT TB input. In addition, it is having the output of the TB signal. It can link external equipment with the tarry signal of a TB command output by a GPI port.

“CUE send ”
When the source which it chose with a monitor selector is output by default and changes inside switch, it can change it to outside source.
Even in this case the TB of CSP349 is mixed.

“RTB (return talkback)”
A monitor speaker can mix the microphone signal which it set up in a booth by an RTB command.
(the RTB is controlled in TB961 port)
RTB and the external TB mixture must set either at the time of shipment.

“Remote model”
A control section is an independent type and can operate CSP349D in Desktop.
(the cable is standard 1m up to 3m)
Front panel of this type of main frame is only a VU meter and a remote connector.

■ Specifications
•AUDIO INPUTS: BALANCED, 24kΩ, XLR3-F, ref=+4dBu, max=+24dBu
•AUDIO OUTPUTS: BALANCED, 50Ω, XLR3-M, ref=+4dBu, max=+24dBu
•TB BOX: Dsub15-F(#4-40)
•GPI PORT: Dsub9-M(#4-40)
•FOOT SWITCH PORT: ø6.3 2P phone
•FREQ.RESPONSE: 20 to 20kHz ±0.1dB
•THD: <0.01% at Ref.Level
•EIN: <-90dB
•MAINS: 100VAC 50/60Hz MAX 30W
•DIMENSIONS: 482Wx88Hx303D, 6kg

 “GPI” D9-M(#4-40)
01 LS4 OUT L (option) 06 LS4 OUT R (option)
02 PLAY+              07 PLAY-
03 DIM CMD            08 CUT CMD
04 TB TLY             09 +5V
05 GND
 "TB961" Dsub15-F(#4-40)
02 LP COM +5V    10 SW COM 0V
03 TB SW         11 TB LP
05 RTB SW        13 RTB LP
06 SIDE SW       14 SIDE LP >=rev4
07 MIC +5V       15 MIC SIGNAL

• Order Information

order number description approx. price(US$)
CSP349 5 stereo source, monitoring system, VU, 19” 2U $5,091
CSP349D Remote type (cable 3m) $6,545
TB961P 2 button talkback box $582
CSP349WG05 GPI cable 5m $145
CSP349-MR CSP349 Mono/SIde option $185
CSP355 Stereo, CUE, talkback, compact $1,800
CSP347 6 stereo source, remote, 19” 1U $4,364


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