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48V phantom power unit of high quality
Military specifications resistor
Low noise toroidal powertransformer
A power supply exclusive for condenser microphone.

CSP191 is phantom power supply to supply condenser microphone with +48V by a circuit of high quality.
When it constructs it with multiple channels, it can never zero the influence of other channels.
Therefore it pursued an ideal as a channel alone daringly.
Because the origin of the sound of the microphone is a power supply even if it used the preamplifier using excellent circuit and parts so much.

It uses highest grade parts used by military and aerospace receiving a high evaluation for sound quality in resistor of 6.8kΩ which supplies microphone with a power supply.
When a sound is input into a microphone in a state working in sent phantom by preamplifier and a console of the control room, it will be forced to a working by the power supply which has been sent far from the distance.
There is difference in the sound that is more dramatic than a power supply supplied right under a microphone.

The standard is condenser coupling, but can have Jensen made transformer built-in with an option.

Please refer about the manufacturing of the phantom power unit of multi channel specifications.

■ Specifications
•MAINS: 100-120VAC 50/60Hz MAX 5W
•DIMENSIONS: 102.6Wx81.2Hx220D, 1.5kg

• Order Information

order number description approx. price(US$)
CSP191 +48V Phantom power supply $873


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