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2:1 stereo distributor
Super high-quality sound
Low noise
Jensen line output transformer
Symmetry design
Whole world voltage support
19 inches 1U size

It is a stereo distributor developed for the purpose of the distribution that CSP448 is super of high-quality sound, and is a super low noise.
It realized a superior characteristic and excellent separation by the PCB design which symmetry located parts selected carefully for a central power supply unit.
In addition, it can support high sampling recording by broadband designs from 10Hz to 100kHz with margin.

As for the XLR connecter, it is located in the symmetry.
The input is electronic balance, and the output is isolated outputs with the Jensen transformer.

As for the output level, the matching that is perfect by an internal trim of ± 2dB is possible.

It realized the characteristic that there were very few distortions in all bands by the circuit which canceled by a distortion in the low frequency of Jensen transformer implemented by each output.

It can support AC power of the whole world in the range of 100V – 240V by a switch of the rear panel.
In addition, CSP448-1 which is not a rack mantle type, CSP448-2 of the low cost model using general parts are available.

■ Specifications
•INPUTS LEVEL: ref=+4dBu, max=+24dBu
•OUTPUTS LEVEL: ref=+4dBu, max=+24dBu
•THD: < 0.01% at 1kHz, REFERENCE LEVEL (20-20kHz unweighted)
•NOISE: < -90dBu (20-20kHz unweighted)
•MAINS: 100-120/200-240AC 50/60Hz, MAX 10W
•DIMENSIONS: 482Wx44Hx303D, 4kg

• Order Information

order number description approx. price(US$)
CSP448 stereo 2 split, transformer output, 19” 1U $4,364
CSP448-2 stereo 2 split, transformer output, 19” 1U $2,909


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