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8 distributes for two stereo source
Oscillator built-in
3 stages reference input and output each
All outputs with trim
Each output selectable Input route
Direct out
Large VU meter
Headphone monitor
± 6dB trim
Mono output is possible
19 inches 2U size

CSP443 is a distribution amplifier of the high-quality sound that distribution is possible in the stereo source of 2 routes each in 4 routes.
It can choose A, B input route and can distribute a stereo source between each output part 8.
In addition, it is not necessary to use the distributing output when it does a monitor in the locality because it possesses a direct out separately from the distribution output.
In addition, the line check is certain because an oscillator and the VU meter headphone monitor possess it.

“Input section”
There are reference of the -10, 0, +4dBu, an oscillator and a meter button in the stereo input section of 2 routes individually.
The oscillator which can output right and left separately ensures a line check.
In addition, as for the A route, the identification of the route is simple because the B route is 400Hz at 1kHz.

“Output section”
There are reference of the -10, 0, +4dBu, A, B input choice, mono mix, an output level trim, a meter button in the stereo output section of 8 routes individually.

“VU meter”
When each meter button of the input and output is pushed as for the meter reference, it links the reference level that it set and is replaced automatically.
Of course it is with the illumination that does not have that it bursts on a meter.
In addition, it can monitor the ones which it chose with a meter button with the headphone monitor.

“Direct out”
It is output by the reference that it set in input unit in a direct out provided separately from the distribution output of 8 routes.

“Mono mode”
When MONO is chosen in output part, it mixes right and left, and -6dB does a gain and is output.

The button except the meter adopted a method to operate while pressing the command button for prevention of misoperation.
In addition, it can change the standard reference level at the time of an order.

■ Specifications
•INPUTS LEVEL: -10, 0, +4dBu, MAX=+24dBu
•OUTPUTS LEVEL: -10, 0, +4dBu, MAX=+24dBu
•THD: < 0.01% at 1kHz, REFERENCE LEVEL
•NOISE: < -90dBu
•MAINS: 100VAC 50/60Hz MAX=40W
•DIMENSIONS: 482Wx88Hx303D 6Kg

• Order Information

order number description approx. price(US$)
CSP443 2 stereo source, 8 stereo split, 19” 2U $11,273


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