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Clock display by LTC
Tilt stands
Automatic Free running mode
Logo indication (option)
Large LED display
Second pointer continuous bar indication
Cascade connection possibility
Desktop, wall hangings
24, 25, 29.97, 30 frame rates

AF135 is real-time clock of the digital display by the LTC input.
It can easily build the clock system which is precision if it uses the generator which it locked for GPS as a master.
The second pointer uses high intensity LED of the bar indication and provides very high visibility.
When it has a Free running mode, and LTC breaks off more than 1 second or is not input, it switches automatically.

The second pointer of AF135 shows high visibility by high intensity LED of 5mm in diameter even from the distance.
It can recognize the second pointer by the bar indication that LED turns on consecutively every 1 second intuitively.
It can switch it to ‘dot indication’ when it continues pressing the knob for time setting more than 1 second.
In addition, the decimal point of 1s indicates a lock in LTC and turns off the light in the Free running mode state.
The display of the HS uses high intensity red LED of the 38mm size, and the visibility is very high.

It implements a connecter of XLR and BNC and can be connected in balance or unbalance.
Each connecter is directly connected to and can input from either.
The LTC input level supports in -20dBu to +15dBu, and a read rate is from single speed to 20 times speed depending on signal quality.
The frame rate supports 24, 25, 29.97, 30.

By the attached stands, there are tilt of approximately 40 degrees, swivel of +-35 degrees and height adjust of 100mm.
In addition, it hangs it on the hook (wood screws) of the wall surface or it mounts a pedestal in a wall surface like AF130 and can fix it.

It is in the program mode when it presses the knob for time setting of the front panel top right corner in a Free running mode.
It turns a knob and sets HMS in turn.
In addition, setting is possible with the encoder of the remote.

“Real-time clock model”
When LTC is not input, the AF135-1 switches to built-in RTC.
Battery back up of around 1 week is possible.

The letter which the custom logo was printed on by possibility with an option is lighted up with backlight beautifully.
In addition, by the specification on the order, it can change for a display type for 12 hours.

■ Specifications
•FRAME RATE: 24, 25, 29.97, 30Hz
•SMPTE RATE: x1 to x20
•INPUT LEVEL: -20 to +15dBu
•MAINS: 100VAC 50/60Hz MAX10W
•DIMENSIONS: 320Wx320Hx60D, 3kg (with out stand)

 AF135 "Remote" DSUB9-F
01            06
02 ENC-A      07 ENC-B
03 ENC-SW     08
04 +5V        09
05 GND

• Order Information

order number description approx. price(US$)
AF135 LTC sync, free run, 320 square $4,364
AF135-1 with RealTime clock $5,091
AF135-M 19” mount panel $582


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