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SEIKO station clock compatible
Simple time setting
Large digital display
High intensity display
Easy installation
19 inches 2U size

AF320A is the digital display slave clock which is interchangeable with the three-phase slave clock of the station clock.
It only mounts XLR plug to an existing cable, and setting can coexist in an existing system without making special modification.

“Time setting”
It switches toggle switch of the rear panel to the SET side and sets Hour, Minute and Second by independence in a rotary switch and it switches it off to the START side and begins a count from the following input pulse when it changes.

The display is formalities for 24 hours.
A standard LED color is umber, but can change in red, green or yellow.
(the picture is yellow, but standard color is umber.)

“Input signal”
It is based on the working in the three-phase 24V pulse, but can count even the single phase clock of the TTL level.
In this case, please be connected to 1-2, 1-3, 2-3 either XLR connecter, and the polarity does not matter.

AF320A counts a three-phase pulse directly.
Please note in the possibility that false operation occurs in the very noisy environment.
Therefore, please use shield cable for connection as much as possible.

■ Specifications
•INPUT: 24V 3 phase clock (opto coupler isolated)
•MAINS: 100VAC 50/60Hz MAX5W
•DIMENSIONS: 482Wx88Hx153D, 4kg

• Order Information

order number description approx. price(US$)
AF320A 3-phase clock, 19” 2U $2,286
AF322 Large LTC Display, 19” 2U $3,429
AF130 Serial Sync Clock, 320 Square $3,429
AF135 LTC sync, free run, 320 square $3,429
AF136 LTC sync, free run, 150 square $2,843
SL909 Generate Serial Clock From LTC, 19” 1U $4,571
SL910 Generate LTC From Serial Clock, 19” 1U $4,571
AF300A Presettable Timer, Remote, Slave Unit $1,414

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