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SEIKO QC-7CF compatible
Logo indication (option)
Large LED display
Second pointer continuous bar indication
Cascade connection possibility

AF130 is realtime display of the digital display which is available as slave clock of standard clock device QC-7CF equipped with a Telephone-JJY function of SEIKO company.
It can construct the real-time display system which is precision of calibration error ± 10ms in difference ± 70ms in a week for Japan Standard Time.
Moreover, it provides very high visibility because it uses high intensity LED.

“Second pointer”
The second pointer of AF130 uses high intensity LED of 5mm in diameter and shows high visibility even from the distance.
Moreover, by the bar indication that LED turns on consecutively every 1 second, it can recognize it intuitively.

Connection ”
The connection of AF130 inputs time data in RS232C, and a cascade connection is possible using throughout in several AF130.
The distance between each AF130 is possible to approximately 50m, but the extension more than 100m is possible if it uses an RS232C repeater.

AF130 has 2 ways of mounting instruction, and one is a method to hang to the hook (wood screws) of the wall surface and is a method the other mounts an attached pedestal in a wall surface, and to fix.
In addition, a mount adapter of the 8 U size is necessary extra when it is attached to 19 inches of racks.
There are AC and the serial input and output connectors on the back.

“Or other”
It can change the serial port to RS422/485 with an option.
In addition, please refer about the change to TMC100 protocol.

■ Specifications
•INPUT CONNECTOR: Dsub9-F (#4-40)
•THRU OUT CONNECTOR: Dsub9-M (#4-40)
•PROTOCOL: SEIKO QC-7CF (9600bps, N81), STXhh:mm:ssETX
•MAINS: 100VAC 50/60Hz MAX10W
•DIMENSIONS: 320Wx320Hx60D, 3kg

 Serial in DSUB9-F
01                 06 
02                 07
03 232RX (422RX+)  08 422RX-
04                 09
05 GND

 Thru out DSUB9-M
01                 06 
02 Reserved        07 
03 232TX (422TX+)  08 422TX-
04                 09
05 GND

• Order Information

order number description approx. price(US$)
AF130 Serial Sync Clock, 320 Square $4,364
AF130-1 TMC100J format $5,091
AF130-M 19” mount panel $582


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