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Serial time data from LTC
Automatic Free running mode
29.97, 30 frame rate support
SEIKO TMC100-J compatible
It works as slave clock
19 inches 1U size

SL909 is interface to output serial time data from LTC.
It is compatible with the format which SEIKO TMC100-J of the primary clock for broadcasting stations outputs.
When LTC breaks off more than 1 second because it has a Free running mode and is not input, it switches automatically.

“Input and output”
Each connecter of XLR balance specifications is directly connected to and can input from either.

The LTC input level supports in -20dBu to +15dBu.
The read rate is from single speed to 3 double speed by signal quality.
Moreover, the frame rate supports to 29, 97 and 30.

“Output data”
It outputs the serial time data which is compatible with SEIKO TMC100-J.
The communication protocol is 2400bps, N81, and the electrical format is RS422 and RS485.
In addition, it outputs it on the date and the day when it calculated it for the cause when it inputs LTC from LEITCH CSD-5300.
On the date and the day of week, it is fixed with the Free running mode on Wednesday, September 1, 2004.
When it switches from a sync mode to a Free running mode, it holds data just before that, but is not updated even if it is past 24:00.

It indicates at the transmission time or the receive time to front panel.
In addition, when it locks it in LTC, the decimal point of the digit of 1 second turns on and turns off the light in a non-lock or Free running mode state.

It is in the time setting mode when it presses the knob of the front panel top right corner with a Free running mode.
It sets Hour, Minute and Second with a knob in order.

■ Specifications
•FRAME RATE: 29.97, 30Hz
•SMPTE RATE: x1 to x30
•INPUT LEVEL: -20 to +15dBu
•TX1-5: RS485, Dsub9-M (#4-40)
•COM1: RS422, Dsub9-F (#40-40)
•MAINS: 100VAC 50/60Hz MAX10W
•DIMENSIONS: 482Wx44Hx303D, 4kg

 TX1-5 DSUB9-F
01 FG        06 GND
02           07 
03 TX+       08 TX-
04 TX GND    09 FG

01 FG        06 RX GND
02 RX-       07 RX+
03 TX+       08 TX-
04 TX GND    09 FG

• Order Information

order number description approx. price(US$)
SL909 Generate Serial Clock From LTC, 19” 1U $5,818

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