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Slave diplay for AF300A
Large LED diplay
With through output
19 inches 2U size

AF300AS-3 is a slave display using the large LED which is available as external diplay of preset possibility timer AF300A with high visibility.

“Input and output”
It can be directly connected to the input with AF300A by Dsub15-M.
Additionally, it provides by the through output of Dsub15-F of the format same as AF300A which is connectable in multiple diplay.

The diplay uses red LED of the 45mm size, and the visibility thereby becomes extremely higher.

Please be connected using shield cable for prevention of noise emission by all means.

It manufactures larger size and the different shape, and, please can refer.

■ Specifications
•INPUTS: Dsub15-M (#4-40)
•THRU UTPUTS: Dsub15-F (#4-40)
•LED SIZE: 45mm
•MAINS: 100VAC 50/60Hz, MAX 5W
•DIMENSIONS: 150Wx150Hx80D, 2kg

I/O DSUB15-F/M (#4-40)
01 10H      09 1H
02 10M      10 1M
03 10S      11 1S
04 SEG-A    12 SEG-B
05 SEG-C    13 SEG-D
06 SEG-E    14 SEG-F
07 SEG-G    15 GND
08 GND

• Order Information

order number description approx. price(US$)
AF300AS-3 LARGE SLAVE DISPLAY 19” 2U for AF300A $2,182
AF300A Remote, Slave Unit $1,800

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