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Bidirectional 4ch level converter
Super high-quality sound, low noise
Reference level variable
Perfect level match
GND lift function
19 inches 1U size

CSP447 is the matchbox which developed +4dBu which is a standard level of the professional equipment and the -10dBV of the general consumer product level for the purpose of matching by high-quality sound and a low noise.
It allows the connection of 2 stereo equipments by implementing 4 ‘balanced to unbalanced’ circuits and 4 ‘unbalanced to balance’ circuits.
Moreover, the flat broadband design supports high sampling recording in the range of 10Hz to 100kHz having margin.

“Input and output”
It adopts a reliable BNC connector to an unbalanced connecter to a balance connecter in XLR.

The noise with the GND loop can be solved by separating GND of XLR with an internal switch.

It can switch a reference level of the unbalance part by the changeover switch of the panel.
When it input +4dBu into XLR, in the case of +4dBu, a switch is output in +4dBu and, in the case of -10dBV, is output in -10dBV.
When it input -10dBV into BNC, in the case of +4dBu, it is output in -10dBu and, in the case of -10dBV, is output in +4dBu.

It can do a perfect level match in an internal trim.

The model CSP447-2 which implemented input and output connectors to front panel is available.

■ Specifications
•BALANCED INPUTS : XLR3-F, imp=12kΩ, max=+24dBu
•UNBALANCED OUTPUTS : BNC, imp=50Ω, max=+24dBu
•UNBALANCED INPUT : BNC, imp=4kΩ, max=+24dBu
•BALANCED OUTPUT : XLR3-M, 50Ω, max=+24dBu
•THD: < 0.01% at 1kHz, REFERENCE LEVEL (20-20kHz unweighted)
•NOISE.: < -90dBu (20-20kHz unweighted)
•CONTROL: Unbalanced inputs and outputs reference
•MAINS: 100AC 50/60Hz, MAX 15W
•DIMENSIONS: 482Wx44Hx303D, 4kg

• Order Information

order number description approx. price(US$)
CSP447 4ch level converter, bi-directional, 19” 1U $5,091

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