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8ch mastering console
Super low noise
Broadband more than 100kHz
Digital controlled attenuator
Program insertion
Level control without the tracking error
19inches 6U size

SMC4800 is a mastering console of the 8ch specifications that suited broadband of DVD and DSD.
By the parts of the highest grade and simple configuration, it realized the super high-performance rial acoustic console that there was not coloring at all.
In addition, the program, the monitor and the speaker level realized accurate 0.5dB step attenuation and high SN, low distortion and wide dynamic range by the adoption of the tip for exclusive use of a thing of a digital control method.

The program attenuator can set a variable range of +/-10dB by 0.5dB step precisely.
In addition, 2 insert points connect each available to each program channel alone or in series and can use it.
2 routes provide for only program 1 and 2 with program output.
In addition, level control is possible without tracking error with 1-8 with the program master pot simultaneously.
When it changes program mode to STEREO, the input of 1 and 2 switches to input for stereo modes, and the input of the others is OFF.

In the monitor section, 3 monitors of program, EXT1 and EXT2 are possible.
When it changes a monitor mode to STEREO, it is OFF other than 1 and 2.

“Speaker output”
It is provided for 1-8 output individual trim and CUT switch of the 0 to -20dB and is settable at the level of the speaker easily.

“Meter output”
It can switch program input or monitor source.

“Audio input and output”
It uses all the XLR connecter of the no solder method other than EXT2 input.

■ Specifications
•MONITOR INPUTS: EXT1 XLR3-F, EXT2 Dsub25-F(#4-40)
•PROGRAM MASTER ATT: 0.5dB STEP 0 ~ -95.5dB ~ ∞
•MONITOR ATT: 0.5dB STEP 0 ~ -95.5dB ~ ∞
•DIM ATT: 0.5dB STEP 0 ~ -20dB
•SPEAKER ATT: 0.5dB STEP 0 ~ -20dB
•THD: <0.01% at 1kHz, REF LEVEL (20~20kHz unweighted)
•NOISE: <-90dBu (20~20kHz unweighted)
•MAINS: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz, MAX 50W
•DIMENSIONS: 483Wx266Hx350D, 12kg
•DIMENSIONS (PSU): 482Wx88Hx302D, 4kg

   SMC4800 “Ext Monotor 2″ D25-F(#4-40)
 1 EXT MONITOR 2-1+    14 EXT MONITOR 2-1-
 2 EXT MONITOR 2-1G    15 EXT MONITOR 2-2+
 3 EXT MONITOR 2-2-    16 EXT MONITOR 2-2G
 4 EXT MONITOR 2-3+    17 EXT MONITOR 2-3-
 5 EXT MONITOR 2-3G    18 EXT MONITOR 2-4+
 6 EXT MONITOR 2-4-    19 EXT MONITOR 2-4G
 7 EXT MONITOR 2-5+    20 EXT MONITOR 2-5-
 8 EXT MONITOR 2-5G    21 EXT MONITOR 2-6+
 9 EXT MONITOR 2-6-    22 EXT MONITOR 2-6G
10 EXT MONITOR 2-7+    23 EXT MONITOR 2-7-
11 EXT MONITOR 2-7G    24 EXT MONITOR 2-8+
12 EXT MONITOR 2-8-    25 EXT MONITOR 2-8G
13 None connection

• Order Information

order number description approx. price(US$)
SMC4800 8ch mastering console, 19” 6U $43,636

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