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Moving fader
Super sound
Touch sense
19 inches 1U size

CSP400 is the incredible breakthrough product which realized COMPRESSOR/LIMITER in unprecedented innovative idea.

Generally, it is FET, CDS, VCA to be used as a gain reduction element, but the increase of sound change and the distortion is never avoided with these elements.
In CSP400, it used moving fader used in fader automation as a gain reduction element and realized COMPRESSOR/LIMITER with no sound change.

CSP400 is stereo specifications linked to internally.
The stereo working that a link circuit is perfect for a true thumbing method is possible.
When it links multiple CSP400, it can be easily connected with a link connecter of the rear panel.
The stereo link works with a mix input signal of the left and right.
It is had priority a high threshold, a fast attack, a channel of long release.

It can set amount of maximum compression in advance by having introduced a concept of “RANGE” prepared for a noise gate normally in CSP400.
It works in all for a signal beyond “THRESHOLD” with the general compressor, and, in the case of CSP400, only 3dB works in 3dB in “RANGE” when it sets it, and the further input is just output.
The climax part of the song is got through if it uses this function, and it is not necessary to make 2 stages of compressor setting.

“Motion speed”
CSP400 attacks it in comparison with a compressor using the VCA, and the motion speed of the release is not so early, but is most suitable for gentle level control.
Very natural compression without a distorted feeling allows it as if it controls a vocal level in the fader of the console.

When an overall level has decreased by a compressor, it can rise by the up to 15dB output in “MAKEUP”.

“Side chain”
It can use it as a side chain if it inputs the signal of the level that is higher than ch1 into ch2 because it is had priority a high-level channel.
When it uses only ch1, it is limited.

Moving fader has a touch sense function and can operate it with a manual when it touches it.
When it works in auto, it revises it with a manual, and the effect that inserted comp. at the moment when it stops it with a manual and kept a hand away is thought about.

■ Specifications
•INPUTS: 24kΩ BAL, XLR3-F, REF=+4dBu, MAX=+24dBu
•OUTPUTS: 50Ω BAL, XLR3-M, REF=+4dBu, MAX=+24dBu
•ATTACK TIME: 70mS ~ 200mS (at 20dB REDUCTION)
•RATIO: 1:1 ~ ∞:1
•THRESHOLD: -20 ~ +20dBu
•RANGE: 0 ~ 20dB
•MAKEUP: 0 ~ +15dB
•THD: < 0.01% at 1kHz, REF. LEVEL
•NOISE LEVEL: < -90dBu
•MAINS: 100VAC 50/60Hz, MAX 25W
•DIMENSIONS: 482Wx44Hx250D, 3.5kg

• Order Information

order number description approx. price(US$)
CSP400 Moving fader, touch sense, 19” 1U $4,091

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